Priority research areas

We are specifically looking for applications in the clinical and translational research area. No funding will be made available for laboratory based (basic science) research.

Broadly our research priorities are for medical research that focuses on:           

  • Women’s Health for contemporary serving and ex-serving ADF members
  • Impacts of ADF service on Partners and Family Members
  • Issues effecting Ageing Veterans 
  • Management of Chronic Pain
  • Mental health issues for ADF Members and Veterans

More specifically, our priorities for medical research are as follows and we invite applications for the 2019 grant year: 

  • Women’s Health and Wellbeing initiatives that have a strong correlation to current female serving and ex-serving members
  • Initiatives that address Ageing Veterans such as:

o    Treatment and assistance related to declining physical and mental health  

o    Researching differing care pathways for ageing veterans 

  • Chronic Pain management initiatives such as:

o    Testing efficacy of existing chronic pain management programs, identifying new programs

o    Researching the impact of education in self-help chronic pain management 

  • Impacts of ADF service on partners and family members, such as deployments, relocations, married/separated postings, PTSD
  • Research projects utilising the significant value of available health related data sets
  • Researchers should be aware of the potential difficulties recruitment wise if the project seeks significant numbers of volunteers within both the ADF and veteran communities